The World’s Most Expensive Paintings

It is a great and a warm evening in the middle of August. Some of the people who come late find their seats as the auctioneer Jussi who begins the bidding process. The number start rising fast. The bidding for Picasso ceases and the room becomes still. The telephone provides $121 million. The bidding is between the buyers on the telephone with the Christie professionals.

A caller elevates the stakes and a counterbid closes the sale at $160 million and rocks the room. The buyer will pay a total of $179.4 million and this makes it the most costly paining ever bought at an auction.

The sums paid for the vital tasks of luxury art are becoming very common. The Chinese billionaire purchases Amedeo’s Nu Couche for $174.4 million at the New York’s Christie.

Aspects that drive record breaking sales in arts

This has come from many of the forces and there has been an expanding arena of art collectors all over the world and that enhances the competition for the greatly valued prices and also the aggressive marketing by the various auction houses. There is the built in ability for the world renowned auctioneers that have nicely associated teams of professionals who can find the finest paintings and sculptures all around the world.

luxurious art

You have to possess experts who know what makes the market go to the top. It is just similar as going to a prom and the finest appearing girl in school does not require to have a marketing plan. Christie and Sotheby go all out in order to promote their top most offerings. An auction becomes highly successful in case several people want similar work and then bid against one another to get it. So they have to be lured for that.

luxury art

There is the proactive outreach that is in advance to a sale in order to get the people interested and enthralled. You may bring several people as you can inside the headquarters through the cocktail parties. The worldwide experts are there and they try to sell the work.

It is actually the collectors who drive the market. The different auction houses can give their best to fulfill their needs. The collectors are aware of what they desire.


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