The New App That Is Helping Travelers to Get Through Airport Customs Faster

In case you are not making a plan to have a nice trip instantly, you can do yourself some favor and download the free Mobile Passport for Android and Apple phones now.

When you enter all your details in the app, there will be no filling of the forms to utilize one of the new photo booth kiosks that can make your airplane be in a government database. You will need to travel with your genuine passport. You may have a small customs interview. You need to think if a Mobile Passport as a substitute and something similar to a Fastpass at Disneyland.

If you’re traveling to USA, you need to know that this service may help you a lot. The American government feels caught on the dial of a rotary. The state of Iowa has started making some tests on the license of a smartphone driver and the tech has enhanced the security in the form of I.D.

Mobile Passport actually brings the government and technical industry to solve a genuine pickle and fund the custom officers that have not kept pace with the new international arrivals at American airports.

The American customs and Border protection has made an effort to make the Mobile Passport app with the Airside Mobile. The founders have introduced the first mobile boarding passes in America. It is paid by the sponsors that include Boeing.

The outcome is that the wait times are gradually going down and the hi tech efforts are bearing fruit also. There is a $100 program known as Global Entry that needs your fingerprints. Mobile Passport is absolutely free and very fast. It proves to be highly beneficial for the families.


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