Luxurious Bathroom Makeovers You Will Definitely Love

The bath is somehow the most important place in your house. It is the place when you’re just you and yourself, where you have the moments of inspirations and where the best ideas come. Here are some of the bes ideas to redecorate your bath:

Tech Savvy bathroom


It is an amazing and a luxurious bathroom designed by designer Candice Olson of Candice. It has the technology stops and those include heated flooring and a steam shower and also a remote controlled toilet that has a nightlight and a self-cleaning function. There are big square tiles that form the wall behind the tub and that adds glamour to it. Candice brings sparkle to the room by altering the dresser of the homeowner as the vanity.

Luxurious Gray Retreat


The master bathroom is designed by Sarah Richardson of Sarah house and is blended with marble with nature stone elements. It is a pair of sleek hexagonal mirrors that are above a custom double vanity and a freestanding tub provides a great feel to the space.

Refined Contemporary


It is a bright and an airy bathroom and is a fine place away from it all. A glass has got a shower and two floating vanities that enable the eye to flow through the space. The best aspect is that a curtain of crystal like beads is utilized to make a waterfall accent wall around the window.

Open Bathroom Retreat


Contractor chip wade makes an attic into a fine master suite with an awesome bathroom that makes way to the bedroom. The center of the room is a freestanding tub that has his or her varieties. The curtains have a large walk in the shower and additional dressing area.

Seamless style


Stephen, the contractor utilized marble all through the space for ultimate luxury. He chooses the marble cuts so that the lines from the floor engulf the backsplash.

Modern conveniences and modern design


This modern era bathroom is a soothing spa. Candice the designer fills the space with great amenities that include heated flooring and a deep soaker tub and also a rain showerhead. Candice hangs the chains as a window treatment behind the tub.

Cottage Charm


Sarah, the designer brings a filtered light with a skylight that is above the hub. A vintage table converts into a vanity with a marble top. The luxurious marble is sealed so it is not slippery and will be there for a long time.

Exquisite Marble


Carara marble is utilized all through the bathroom for a great appearance. To develop the texture and the dimesion, Dina Manzo makes use of varied cuts of stone such as hexagon, tile, mosaic and pencil pieces. The custom tone on the wallpaper suits the gray and cream hues in the marble for a wonderful appearance.

Clean and bright tiles


A nice, glass enclosed shower made by Drew and Jonathan is the center of attraction of this awesome bathroom. There is a big cream coloured tile on the lower half of the shower contrasts against the little glass tiles utilized on the floor and on top of the shower. The reflective, clean surfaces on the tile makes the whole bathroom glow.

Country Blue


Sarah makes a family friendly bathroom with an elegant blue and white palette. She reconstructs a pair of antique chest of drawers as vanities and hangs nicely checked curtains. A nice, deep soaker tub with a modern silhouette brings some deal of freshness into the space.


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