How Do The Most Expensive Rolex Watches Look Like

There are costly Rolex watches sold for astonishing prices. What flashes across your mind when you hear the word Rolex? These are the stylish, luxurious, costly and exclusive watches. There is no doubt the Rolex watches are magnificent.

Alfred Davis discovered the company in the year 1905. At that moment, his luxury watch is became popular. Several people are not aware that the company was in London. Rolex has been the official sponsor for several world class sports that include Tennis Grand Slam Wimbledon and Formula 1. This brand sponsored athletes like Roger Federer.

This impeccable time piece is a very famous watch brand all over the world.

Here are the most costly Rolex watches sold ever:

Rupendra Prasad’s Gold Rolex ($400,000)


We begin our list with this watch. Its cost is at half a million dollars and we are just beginning. This watch belonged to Rupendra Prasad and he got it in the first ever Republic Day in the year 1950. This watch is made of 18K gold. The aspect that makes it so special is the map of India on its dial.

The date on it that is 26th January, 1950 makes it more genuine. It has got the attention of the purchasers at the auction at Sotheby and purchased it for $400,000.

Rolex Daytona 6269 ($445,000)


The Phillips auction house celebrated its return to the auction of the watches. In this event, many of the luxury watches were auctioned and those included the Rolex Daytona 6269. The diamond set bezel has forty eight nicely cut diamonds and the dial has 240 round cut diamonds.

This specific Rolex Daytona 6269 is a great piece and does not show any signs of being worn by the past owner. It is sold at 340,900 pounds. This watch was the top most ten costliest watches sold at that auction. It is the fourteenth most costly Rolex watch sold.

Rolex Oyster 6062 ($450,000)


Rolex 6062 has got two Rolex models to have a triple calendar and moon phases. This Rolex Oyster 6062 model has a rare black lacquer dial. It was auctioned at Phillips auction house in Geneva in the year 2015. It is the most precious vintage Rolex wristwatches of all time.

A timepiece is not collectible by being luxurious as there can be many of them in the world. This specific model was exhibited to the General of the US Air Force and he got promoted to the commander of the force. This is on the case back of the watch.

James Bond’s 1973 Rolex 5513 ($450,000)


All the things that James Bond touched become a precious item. This awesome watch was used by Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. It has got the signature of Roger Moore on it. A buyer took this timepiece at home for $450,000 after the winning bid at Phillips auction house.


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