How Is Volvo Redefining Luxury With The New Sedan with S90 Lounge Console Concept

Volvo has built a great reputation regarding its safety aspect. The Swedish automaker has been putting an enhanced stress on luxury. That is the instance as the marque develops in immense fame in China where the parent firm is based and where a big amount of luxury car buyers who prefer to have a chauffeur driven car rather than drive on their own.

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In order to exhibit the move forward for its best clientele, Volvo displayed a new Lounge Console idea this April at the Beijing Auto Show. This idea is based on the firm’s top of the line S90 Excellence Luxury Sedan. Volvo moves with the exterior of the automobile in order to concentrate on its vision for some cabin space.

Just similar to the XC90 idea that preceded it, the most recent Lounge Console idea is regarding the front passenger seat to enhance space and make it highly comfortable in the rear. Volvo installed an exceptional console that enhances the visibility and opens the airiness for the rear seat passenger. It also has some extra functions.

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The lucky passenger can work while it is under way and view a movie or a show with the monitor placed at its back. The idea is further enhanced by an arm rest console that consists of a refrigerator and also some crystal glasses. The seats provide a wide range of adjustment and also a massage function. It is a novel on the luxury Sedan and we would not be surprised viewing the Volvo placed into production and thinking that ample customers make this type of request.


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