What You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit

The suits of men can be traced back to the 17th century, when King Charles II came to power with a strict dress code in the courts. After a period, The Edwardians made the lounge suit in the 19th century.

The 40s saw pant waists elevate and the smoking jackets go down before World War gone with all the kind of luxury as the clothing rations got their best impact to men suits in the 50s.

It happened that in the 1960s the modern suits came into being. Suits are a great piece and need much planning when purchasing off the rack. The best quality are considered to be jackets that have a complete canvas. A jacket that is canvassed has got layers of material that lies in between the outer fabric and also the inner lining of a suit jacket.


The second alternative is a half canvas where in the tailor canvasses the top most part of the jacket. It’s good to mention that expenses are much reduced compared to the complete canvas.

The pinching of the layers between the button holes will uncover in case the jacket gets canvassed. There are three major lapel kinds like shawl, notch and peak. The peak lapel is the best cost to make and can be found on double breasted suits.


It is usually a formal appearance and has a great broadening impact on the shoulders. In case you are narrow and slim, you may choose peaks or bigger peaks for the bigger gents. Peaks that end on the collar bone can make you appear leaner and taller in the dark tones.


The notch lapel is very common. It is made popular on the single breast suit and the angle and the width differs between the brands. The trend at the moment is for slim lapels and also in a contrast color also.


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