Fine Dining in Las Vegas: Restaurants That Offer A Unique Experience

Las Vegas has got an awesome choice of fine restaurants. Many of the food lovers will get a huge selection of choices that include many from some celebrity chefs. Find dining in Las Vegas means nicely prepared food and a great variety of the meal. In case you want to make it a nice experience, these restaurants can satisfy you. French cuisine is linked with fine dining. You can find many restaurants that have awesome French food in various forms.



You may try the Twist at Mandarin Oriental which gives you wonderful views. Chef Pierre’s food cannot be found anywhere in America. It is has got a fantastic designed dining room that provides an exquisite dining experience.


Mandarin Oriental

Joel provides the diners French cuisine in a nicely designed room that has a seating capacity of many fortunate diners. The awards given by Joel are the outcomes of food that is innovative and costly.



There are many steakhouses such as Craftsteak that heighten your option of meat dishes to find dining status. Steak is readily accessible in these restaurants. The stress on high quality ingredients and local sourcing provides the diners a nice, sumptuous meal. You may check out our list of the Las Vegas fine dining restaurants.

Private Dining Room inside Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak


Chef Daniel’s signature cooking shines at Db Brassiere. The dishes here are steak frites ad burger. You may begin your meal with grilled Spanish octopus with awesome potatoes and the shrimp cocktail.


Db Brassiere

The conventional French dishes such as French onion soup, country pate will begin off your meal prior to moving to some great dishes. You may enjoy some awesome dishes such as Beef Wellington and the best cooked steaks or a fine, crispy duck confit.

Some of the options will give you the best in a natural way in any of the fine dining places. You must have some dessert too!


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