10 Stylish Examples of Man Fashion Trends

Instagram is always a nice source of inspiration when you want to see men who really know how to dress for spring. Here is a list of the most stilish men on the internet.

Paul Newman

men fashion

The white oxford with some great rolled up sleeves and it is best for some reason.

Steve McQueen

luxury fashion

There may be some warm days ahead and you have to make it easy.

John Slattery

luxury fashion style

Not all the silk scarves can make you appear just similar to an art dealer.

Arnold Palmer

polo fashion luxury trends

You need not underestimate the power of a nicely fitting polo.

Justin Theroux

fasion trends

Your trousers are the best place to make the outfit appear graceful.

Brunello Cucinelli

luxury fashion

The white trousers are nice than the Italians.

Adam Driver

luxuey fashion trends

A nice trench will be your reliable spring companion.



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