Things to take on the beach

Things to take on the beach

Summers are a great time to relax and chill on the beach. Adults love it, teens love it and even kids love going to the beach. Things have gotten so easier now, all you have to do is buy your swimwear online and set off for a fun day by the sea.

To make your time more fun and comfortable on the seaside we have created a list of items for you to pack with your bathing accessories.

Wet wipes

Hygiene should always be your priority so pack those wipes as they will be useful to you for public beach toilets or to rub your hands after you have a bite of juicy fruits or ice cream. If the group is large or you have children, you can take a large package of baby wet wipes to clean up the mess after a fun day.

Toys for children

A beach day is never complete without toys to build sand sculptures or to play in the water so, in addition to the bucket, watering can and scoop, take some rubber toys from the bathroom. Even though they are small in size and will take up very little space, you can have loads of fun with them while you are swimming and playing near the water.

Keep everything you can carry that will help to entertain your children. If they are of older age, you can start including board games. There will always be someone with whom you can have a great time, young and old. Please, do not forget the little arms or lifeguards for support if they don't know how to swim.

Flu Care Packages & Sealable Bags

Stock up your flu care packages and keep those plastic lock sealable bags handy to protect yourself and your things. So, take medium-sized bags and pack mobile equipment, money, and other items that you are afraid of getting destroyed from moisture and sand. And when you are returning from the beach, this package can be used for wet swimwear and swimming trunks so that they do not wet other things that are kept in the beach bag.

Use Spray Bottle

Always keep a filled spray bottle as it is useful to refresh the face and body, counters the harmful effect of the sun and if you do not want to climb into the water to wash away the sand from your hands or flip flops.

Baby powder

It is Indispensable on sandy places and beachfront as it instantly cleans off the sand if it adheres to your legs, arms, and other parts of your body, so powder your body generously and see it remove all skin irritations that often occurs when you get in contact with sand or saltwater.

Bath screens

They are useful for those people who travel to the beach by car. It can be laid at the bottom of the trunk, so as not to stain it with sand or grass when you load things from the beach. Also, the curtain can be spread on the sand like a beach towel.

Inflatable pillow

It weighs almost nothing and does not take up space in the bag, but it is much more convenient to read and doze off comfortably with it, regardless of whether you are lying on a deck chair or on a towel.


Everyone knows how eyes get irritated when they are exposed to water, especially saltwater, many people end up with redness and irritation. Be careful if your eyes are sensitive, you can put on the goggles for protection and swim only with a slow breaststroke and only with your head proudly raised.

Swimming earplugs

Earplugs are useful for diving enthusiasts. They protect your ears from water and prevent ear infections, which are especially unpleasant if you have to fly abroad.

Protection from the Sun

Among those essential things for a day by the sea, you cannot forget packing a good sunscreen and a lip protecting cream for complete defense from the harmful sun rays. Especially, if you have very white skin or children with sensitive skin, do not forget to add a screen or blocker and lip protection. Protecting your lips from the sun is just as important as using sunscreen for your skin. We always forget about it, and as current studies show that lips are also subject to aging and prone to cancer it is better to use a lip balm. However, use one with sun protections as ordinary lip balms and lip glosses do not protect us from the harmful effects of the sun.

Beach dresses & Swimwear

Always have a beach dress in your closet as along with being feminine they are comfortable and will keep you fresh to enjoy the last hours of the sun. Also, they are airy and more versatile than shorts and shirts, they are an excellent choice for hot summer evenings. They come in comfy and light materials such as linen, a fresh and elegant fabric, and cotton which is always a safe bet.

For men, the choice of Swimwear is shorts and in the case of women its bikinis with a comfortable pair of flip flops or the famous crocs, keep your sports shoes in the trunk for unplanned hiking. No beach trip is complete without proper swimwear. So, for summers go and buy the latest fashion and be the top styler of the season.


Do not forget some things that will help you clean up and take care of your hair and skin. All that salty water robs the hair of moisture and natural oils. So add shampoo, conditioner, brush, deodorant, soap, perfume and daily creams in your totes along with the toothbrush and toothpaste.


When it comes to completing your look, some things cannot be missed:

Sunglasses: Try to wear those with UV protection. In a good beach look, those with a wide frame and neutral color are great, in the case of women, and the nautical or sports types for men.

If you like to wear jewelry for the day, put on comfortable hoops with which you can get into the pool or the sea and a necklace or choker to parade through the sand.

First aid box

It is not necessarily the first thing we put in the suitcase when we travel, but having one on hand can be very useful. Make sure you have enough band-aid, anti-bacterial gel along with other basic elements such as pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, healing dressings, sunburn creams, some antihistamine and remember to put it as soon as possible in your beach kit.

Umbrella & folding chair

In addition to personal care, if you do not have a tent or somewhere to protect yourself from the sun, the most ideal thing is to bring an umbrella. There are many sizes in the market and can be easily loaded and placed as they have a stick to make the hole in the sand ensuring secure placement. Additionally, a good chair can be an excellent ally for a perfect day. There are light and comfortable models with good and reliable fabric that will make sunbathing or resting very easy.

Beach tent

Another good option, especially if you go with children, is to bring a beach tent. It serves to store your things, gives you some refuge from the heat or even helps to take a nap comfortably in shade during the extreme hours of the sun. There are available in different sizes, quality and, price. Ideally, buy one that is easy to assemble.

Beach games

The beach is an ideal place to get moving and unfold your most playful side, both in the sand and in the water. You can carry wooden or plastic rackets. etc. Another classic is the wooden chessboard and, of course, the famous: dice and cards to have a good time.

Baby On Board

If you travel with a baby, it is advisable to carry a bag with a basic kit: there you can put the bottle, disinfectant wipes for pacifiers, a package with diapers, the changing table (if you get the best disposables), plastic bags and some extra clothes.


Your beach trip can become a memorable one if you remember to take all the right things with you so you don’t have to worry at all and have a fun-filled time with your loved ones. Always, remember to list down the items beforehand and keep on checking them off once they are packed.