Buying a new car: harder than it seems

Your car is one of the most expensive things that you buy and therefore you should take some time to consider what your perfect car should be able to offer. Air conditioning, climate control and cruise control are present in most cars, but not all of them offer the same kind of driver’s experience or and road holding. These are the car models that will hit the market in 2019.

Ford Focus

In 2019, Ford will introduce the new Ford Focus-ST. They state that this model is built to perform. It has a powerful engine and is adjusted with smart technology. You’ll get real-time traffic updates via their FordPass Connect modem. A limited slip differential will care for more stability when the road is slippery because of rain or snow. The wheel with the most traction will also receive the most tractive power to make you stay in control when you are switching lanes or speed up in a bend of a loop. If you like music, you might enjoy the optional 675 watt sound system.

Ford Fiesta ST

Another model from the Ford fabric is the Ford Fiesta ST. This car has three different modes: normal, sport and sport+. The car is suitable for a drive to the supermarket but also a thrilling ride on the race track. The brakes and accelerator can be adjusted manually. The same goes for the steering wheel. The car has the same sound system as the Ford Focus. And the electronic stabilization control keeps checking the movements of the car. In case the car happens to slide on a slippery surface, the control will automatically correct your position.

Nissan Qashqai 2019

Known as the first city crossover, the brand Nissan has come up with a new model available in 2019. The cars are designed to enhance your pleasure as a driver. The car has a panoramic roof equipped with an electric sunscreen. Cars also have to conform to the European rules regarding fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Therefore, Nissan has created a new engine that conforms to those rules. According to Nissan, you can use the car for off-road trips but also long holidays by car.

Vehicle Insurance

And if you have found your dream car, you want it to stay safe. Accidents may not be avoided but the repairs of your brand new vehicle will be covered by a car insurance policy. You can choose third party property insurance, but we won’t advise that when you buy a brand new car. You will want to add fire, theft to your insurance because new, expensive cars are likely to be stolen. And perhaps you want comprehensive insurance, otherwise known as an All-Risk Policy, to cover damage to your car that is the result of a traffic accident. Don’t forget that an accident doesn’t have to be your own fault and you want new-for-old value. Therefore, you should first read honest reviews from vehicle insurance companies.

So what will your next car? Take your time to find one that suits you as a driver.