12 Type of Shoes Every Stylish Man Should Posses

The average man can possess a dozen pair of shoes and these are the essentials. After speaking with some of the greatest designers, we may exhibit the shoes each stylish man has to possess . However, you have to think them as a foundation of a lifetime of style.

Brown Longwings


You have to imagine them as your workhorse shoe. They have to be the best from everything from jeans to suits and finest for all. There are formal occasions and vital meetings with business partners.

Black Cap Toe Oxfords


You have to be aware that the last pair cannot function for the dressier moments in your life.

Dress Boots


These are tailor made or cobbler made for the suited-booted appearance.

Casual Boots


You may hike through the woods or move around the corner.

Desert Boots


It is the best alternative for a casual daily outfit.

Plain Toe Derbies


Sometimes you need something that is dressed up a bit but not get dressed up in a huge way.

Penny Loafers


It is a great American shoe that first originated in Norway.

Minimalist Sneakers


Each person requires a pair of nice sneakers. They are the best for the office, weekend and the bar.

Technical Sneakers


You have to be around the track for your everyday run or to the local watering hole after work.

Retro Sneakers


They are known as classics for some reason.



It is meant for those days when you do not want to wear the sneakers.

House Slippers


No man can be compelled to pad around his place barefoot.


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